You did not have a testimonial page – just the ones on “About”. We can actually have both…only link to this from the slider (vs the menu) and have just the best ones on the about page. Anyway, we can fine tune once we have all of them and see how many…

“Hillary Kibgis is incredibly skilled with her ability to help people recover from pain and injuries. I call her the “shoulder whisperer”, as I have seen her do amazing things with my patients suffering from frozen shoulder syndrome. I regularly refer to her and my patients return with glowing reviews from their sessions. I am very confident in her ability to best serve my patients and highly recommend her.”
-Dr Karina Jarvela

“Hillary brings a wealth of experience, insight and compassion to her work as an Occupational Therapist.  I really appreciate her holistic approach that not only provides needed pain relief but allows for greater flexibility and freedom of movement.” -Barbara S.

“Hillary is a highly skilled and compassionate occupational therapist. Having worked with her over the past 5+ years, I know she strives to improve clients’ ability to function and engage in activities important to them.” -Cathy V.

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